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Yes, can you believe it. This is my 100th post on this blog,

I’ve only been posting here since October last year — that’s only 7 months, holy shit, I’m really sorry — but since then this corner of the Internet has had 10,000 views and I’m loving being part of a community of people and things that is so funny, generous and insightful.

All the trad trashing and accusations of dubious politics aside, you’re a lovely bunch of readers and I’m really chuffed to have reached this little milestone.

So I decided to ask the timeline what I should do to celebrate.

Presenting: a mix of “Music to Read Xenogoth By” and a short patchwork reader:



I got a suggestion after thinking about this to do a patchwork mix but I think I already did that for Hallowe’en. The only decent patchwork song I know is Laurie Spiegel… You can also check out my Best Of 2017 mix if you missed that.

I lost the ability to read and write with music on last year and with my records still in northern exile I listen to tragically little music these days. I used to spend all my money on records at one point. It makes me pretty depressed to dwell on how out of the loop I am on new stuff. I really need to change that.

Making this mix might have been a good catalyst I think. I’m not satisfied with this as being a “mix for reading Xenogoth to”. It goes in a dozen different directions — maybe like this blog does sometimes — and I don’t know how I do one that is a good enough overview. The only solution to that is, of course, to make more of them. Already I’m thinking: I need to do one that’s just metal and another that’s just jungle. I’ll get to those in a bit. More mixes soon!


My apologies for being reticent about doing this.

As has been hinted at a few times now, there is much patchwork talk going on behind the scenes and this is still continuing. There are some burgeoning projects in the works that are too early on in their development to say much about but rest assured there should be plenty of patchwork content coming in future from various channels.

For now though, here’s a preliminary reading list, most of which can be found in the various posts on patchwork that have proliferated throughout the blogosphere in recent months but there are plenty more threads. An exhaustive list would be a lot. We’ll get a proper reader together at some point…

My core posts on patchwork:

And definitely don’t skip out on Ed’s posts over in DI Research Zone 22.

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