Sunrise over Primrose Hill

Worth getting up at 5am for!

Tapes on Mixcloud

Tapes #1 and #2 are now on Mixcloud! The response to Tape #1 has been lovely so far. I’ve had reports that it’s not just great for bath times but it’s also good for studying and hangovers. Why not combine all three! I’m not sure Tape #2 is good for any of those things unfortunately. I think it’s good for spooky drives over the Yorkshire Moors or being drunk on a beanbag as I was when we put it on in the flat the other week. I’d love to hear how others are listening to it.

Tape #3 is still a work-in-progress but is shaping up nicely as a wistful and slightly funky collection of frosty guitar jams.

You can listen to Tape #1 here and buy the cassette here. You can listen to Tape #2 here and buy the cassette here [Tape #2 has now been sold]. Only one copy of each cassette is available. Each one is unique with covers handmade by print wizard Marta Dos Santos.

Window View (Dogma)

Everything is inside because in order to think anything whatsoever, it is necessary to ‘be able to be conscious of it’, it is necessary to say it, and so we are locked up in language or in consciousness without being able to get out. In this sense, they have no outside. But in another sense, they are entirely turned towards the outside; they are the world’s window: for to be conscious is always to be conscious of something, to speak is necessarily to speak about something. To be conscious of the tree is to be conscious of the tree itself, and not the idea of the tree; to speak about the tree is not just to utter a word but to speak about the thing. Consequently, consciousness and language enclose the world within themselves only insofar as, conversely, they are entirely contained by it. We are in consciousness or language as in a transparent cage. Everything is outside, yet it is impossible to get out.

— Francis Wolff,¬†Dire le monde¬†