YWR at East End Film Festival

Very, very excited to announce that — after 18 months in the making — Your Wilderness Revisited will have its “premiere” at this year’s East End Film Festival. On 24th June, William Doyle, Sapphire Goss and myself will be hosting a night at RED Gallery / Kamio in Shoreditch. There will be an exhibition of photographs, a performance by Will, and Sapphire will be doing a live responsive film to Will’s set. There’ll also be a short talk where we will introduce the project and the night.

For more information, you can visit the EEFF website here and you can also buy tickets here.

Diffusion 2017

The other week I had a very intense time in Cardiff, offering curatorial and technical support at this year’s Diffusion festival. I had such a great time and I loved being back a lot. There are so many shout-outs I want to give to those who made it such a great week. I met so many great new people and it was great to see the old gang again too. This is a weird bunch of pictures to remember the week by but I was too busy to document anything but the weird and the drunk bits. Dare I say, roll on 2018…?