Stadium Plaza

Magnum Mix

Earlier this year, and much to my surprise, I was nominated for the inaugural Magnum Photos Graduate Photographers Prize. It was a really weird but frankly hilarious experience.

The prize’s terms and conditions for submissions were pretty reductive and I quickly realised that all I could send them was square pegs for their round holes. I ran with it anyway and made a new edit of pictures taken by the sea and a mix that was honest about what I like and what I do. I may have also taken the opportunity to make fun of them a fair bit…

It has now gone from doomed-to-fail WeTransfer to a run of 50 real life things you can buy.

MAGNUM MIX is a 16pp newspaper + a 1hr mix CD and it’s £4.99 + p&p. The front and back covers were designed by the amazing Marta Dos Santos and she also hand shovelled all the sequins.

You can buy it here.