Something I Found Today

Rabbit Chat

The digital switchover has reached the North East! My grandparents, as pensioners, are entitled to a free freeview box for updating their TV to receive digital signal … But in a world first, they were ahead of the game and bought themselves a small “digital ready” television a few months ago. They don’t need the box now, so they gave it to us.

The tidy yellow telly in our kitchen is old. It’s been there for years and to turn it on, change channel or fix the picture quality it would only respond to that age-old method of just punching it. The digital switchover has ruined that.

I enter the kitchen today to see that on the screen was Rabbit, the “Gay Chat & Date” channel with my Mum sat in front of it eating a toasted cheese scone.

“What are you watching this for?” I asked.

“… It’s either this or ITV. That’s all it picks up.”

Failed Exploration

So I decided to go for a wander around Newport yesterday to get out of the house and see if I could find anything fun and exciting. I didn’t. I took just two photos in two hours. Both just round the corner from our house.

Thanks to building works, most of the river front on the side where our house is blocked. Newport itself was dead. One day I should explore properly. There’s a church in Newport that I always see the steeple of, but I’ve never been to it. It’s up the steepest hills I’ve ever seen and I need to find the drive to actually get up there. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.