Second year exhibition is fast approaching, as is the Easter break. I don’t go home for another week so I’m using the time to think about work. Thinking about the exhibition piece being interactive and allowing people to have fun with images and different sequences.

All the images were made whilst “having fun”, either generally or with photography as a medium itself. They were all taken over the past seven months and there are 65 of them in all. I’ve made an edit of around 22 for now. There are links between each image in terms of colour, content and composition, but the order can change quite easily to give new meaning. I’m yet to think of a practical way to do that online, but I like the idea of setting out this edit on a gallery wall and anyone being able to come along and change it to how they see fit. But that may not be too practical either…

I’m going to keep thinking and playing.

Newport Survey — Preview Evening

Last night was the preview for the Newport Survey show at the University of Wales, Newport city campus. The show is on until 20th April.

The 2012 Newport Survey exhibition represents a celebration of the project undertaken by Documentary Photography students and Graphic Design students at Newport throughout the 1980s to capture life in the city during the decade. Not least, the exhibition celebrates the connection between photography and Newport. The South Wales Argus newspaper produced a campaign publishing photos from the Newport Survey and calling on any readers who recognised themselves or others to come forward with their stories relating to the images captured. The many responses are testimony to the continuing capacity of photography to touch the lives of individuals, families and their communities.

ATP Curated by Jeff Mangum


Just when we thought ATP couldn’t get any better — it did.

Heroes were met as we gave Jeff Mangum, Phil Elverum and others our zine; we saw bands that we never thought we’d ever get to see like the Minutemen, Robyn Hitchcock, Roscoe Mitchell, Jeff Mangum himself; we saw Jason for the first time since we left for India back in December; we had drunken nights watching Community and closed-eye hallucinations during Oneohtrix Point Never; we wandered the beach at low tide in the thickest fog I’ve ever seen; we saw spontaneous, once-in-a-lifetime collaborative performances; we made lots of friends; we were attacked by seagulls; we didn’t sleep much.

I was plagued by camera trouble over the weekend. The batteries in my flash died and I forgot to bring replacements, as well as my film camera taking a minor knock and making the shutter stick on occasion. Of all the photos I took, only half came out, which is a great shame, but nevertheless: best ATP ever.

I’m very sad we won’t be going to another one for at least a year and a half. Bring back the May ATPs.

B Book Show


We went to London on Sunday to go and see the B Book Show at Ground Floor Left in Hackney. It was the second edition of a Photo Book Show organised by Kevin Beck and William Sadowski. On the Sunday, as well as having a chance to look at all the books, there was a panel discussion with “photographer Ewen Spencer, graphic designer and creator of Oodee publishing house Damien Poulain, Harry Hardie from HERE, and Self Publish Be Happy’s Bruno Ceschel”; and it was all chaired by Diane Smyth, deputy editor at the British Journal of Photography.