Web Projects


  • Shain Shapiro, This Must Be the Place
  • Acid Horizon, Anti-Oculus
  • Enrico Monacelli, The Great Psychic Outdoors
  • Joe Molloy, Acid Detroit
  • Lesley-Ann Brown, Blackgirl on Mars
  • Aaron J Leonard, Whole World in Uproar
  • Dan Evans, A Nation of Shopkeepers
  • Ramzy Alwakeel, How We Used Saint Etienne to Live
  • Kelly Roberts, Michael Grasso, Richard McKenna, We Are The Mutants
  • Philippa Snow, Which As You Know Means Violence
  • Herbert Marcuse, Psychoanalysis, Politics, and Utopia
  • James Wilt, Drinking Up The Revolution
  • Gareth Owen, When the Music’s Over
  • Owen Hatherley, Ukrainian Postcards
  • Alex Niven and Tariq Goddard, The Repeater Book of Heroism
  • Tom Whyman, The German Ideology: A New Abridgement
  • Lee Scott, Swan Songs
  • Grafton Tanner, The Hours Have Lost Their Clock
  • Adam Zmith, Deep Sniff
  • James T Kirk and Two Fingas, Junglist
  • Lesley Chow, You’re History
  • Tommy Sissons, A Small Man’s England
  • Owen Hatherley, Red Metropolis
  • Alan Bradshaw and Joel Hietanen, The Dictionary of Coronavirus
  • Ryan Diduck, The Limits of Control
  • Francis Bacon and Robert Barry, New Atlantis

Assorted Credits