New Tenderness 010

[I can hear the seething mania in this one. I’m having a weird time.]

I struggled to make a mix this month as all of my records and my hard drive are in storage. There are a couple tunes here, but I’m giving 40 mins of this month’s hour over to a recording of a talk I gave recently at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. It’s a talk about some of my own work, a book I’ve just finished, but mostly about why writing is good and art is good and how we can use a lot of what we make for ourselves and each other to help imagine new worlds.


Nia Archives — Ode 2 Maya Angelou
DJ Harmony — Hear Me Now
Hooverian Blur — Techlash
Meemo Comma — Loverboy
Postgraduate Desires [Excerpt from a Talk at NCAD, Dublin]

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