Children of /Acc:
Waiting for a Post-Pandemic Politics

After the Great Deceleration; after Deleuze:

The children of [acceleration], you can run into them all over the place, even if they are not aware who they are, and each country produces them in its own way. Their situation is not great. These are not young executives. They are strangely indifferent, and for that reason they are in the right frame of mind. They have stopped being demanding or narcissistic, but they know perfectly well that there is nothing today that corresponds to their subjectivity, to their potential energy. They even know that all current reforms are rather directed against them. They are determined to hang on to something possible. […]

There can only be a creative solution. These are the creative redeployments that would contribute to a resolution of the current crisis and that would take over where a generalised [acceleration], an amplified bifurcation or fluctuation, left off. 

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