From NRx to Radical Left

Unqualified Reservations closed its doors in 2016. From its ashes two apocryphal schools were born. First of all, the so-called alt-right, which appropriated many Moldbuggian terms and theses, and then ended up happily merging into the various reactionary movements that hit all the major Western democracies. Secondly, a sort of esoteric school of accelerationists, communists, weirdos, Stirnerians or simple bastians appeared, confirming the Landian prophecy, which decided to burst the contradictions of the Moldbuggian proposal, transforming patchwork into a metapolitical model of social disconnection, capable of blowing up the capitalist there is no alternative and freeing up possibilities of emancipation that are currently unthinkable.

A new essay from Enrico Monacelli over on Italian site L’Indiscreto called “Dal pensiero neo-reazionario alla sinistra radicale” — or “From NRx to Radical Left”.

Although I read it via Google Translate, it’s very good and contains a very nice shout out to Xenogothic.

Most importantly, it contains a very nice distillation of how more leftist blogs — or at least this one — have adapted Moldbuggian geopolitics for their own ends:

The traits that distinguish this esoteric school [from the alt-right] are essentially two:

1) a strong criticism of social-Darwinism and the libertarian tendencies of the neo-reactionaries. In other words, these apocryphal interpreters of Mencius Moldbug have no intention of creating a market of power, based on the law of the strongest, but a series of temporarily autonomous zones in which to implement radically divergent life forms. 

2) Radicalize the exit option perspective. If, in fact, for Moldbug, the exit option was simply a safety valve to defuse social tensions and bring down the malfunctioning power structures, in this new reading the exit option becomes an escape route, in which to re-imagine politics as a space of experimentation and permanent revolution.

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