Winter Walks V

Photographs from a walk over Marsden Moor, taken back in November 2020.

Brontë Country III

Another visit to another COVID-quiet Brontë parsonage in Haworth, back in early December.

My first memory of this place has preoccupied me for so long in the shadows of this blog that I can’t help but linger on it every time we’re near it. “Haven’t you taken enough pictures of the parsonage” is my girlfriend’s question every time we pop by. I don’t think I have.

On this occasion, whilst the parsonage itself wasn’t open, the gaudy giftshop was. I picked up a copy of Emily’s complete poems and opened it on the following untitled poem, which is surely about as goth as she gets. What an icon.

May flowers are opening,
⁠And leaves unfolding free;
There are bees in every blossom,
⁠And birds on every tree.

The sun is gladly shining,
⁠The stream sings merrily;
And lonely I am pining,
⁠And all is dark to me.

O cold, cold is my heart!
⁠It will not, cannot rise;
It feels no sympathy
⁠With those refulgent skies.

Dead, dead is my joy,
⁠I long to be at rest;
I wish the damp earth covered
⁠This desolated breast.

If I were quite alone,
⁠It might not be so drear,
When all hope was gone;
⁠At least I could not fear.

But the glad eyes around me
⁠Must weep as mine have done,
And I must see the final gloom
⁠Eclipse their morning sun.

“Look for an Exit”:
T-Shirts in the Snow

Killing two birds with one stone: a sneak-peak at a future “winter walk” post as well as an opportunity to show off some of the new merch.

On Saturday morning, I received some samples of the new XG merch, beautifully designed by Craig of the Acid Horizon podcast and Crit Drip fame. Almost as soon as they arrived, I threw on one of the t-shirts to give it a test drive before heading out into the snow for a walk around the Marsden moors of West Yorkshire.

The pictures above were taken after a somewhat impromptu disrobing as we watched the sunset over the snow-covered hills. I wasn’t in a t-shirt for long but I was left paying for it on Sunday. I felt rough; I definitely caught a chill. It was beautiful weather though, and I am very happy to be able to confirm now that these t-shirts really came out great.

Please consider getting yourself or a reader one this Christmas! The proceeds really will help me out this holiday season after what has been a bleak 2020. Visit the store here to see all that’s on offer, and go support Craig over at Crit Drip too. His designs are excellent.

Brontë Country I

I have wanted to return to the village of Haworth for a few years now, ever since I first wrote about Wuthering Heights on the blog two and a half years ago.

Since we moved to West Yorkshire at the end of September, I’ve been itching to go. The Brontë parsonage is less than an hour’s drive from our new house but, since we’re now in a very high-risk area for the coronavirus, we were reticent about rocking up at a tourist hotspot.

Nevertheless, a few weeks ago, we went. After a brief look around a mostly battened-down Haworth, we popped in the parsonage giftshop, bought a map, and went on a very long walk across the moors.

I’m hoping to write something new about the Brontës soon but, until then, enjoy these photographs of the very witchy woods of West Yorkshire.


Hallowe’en felt like passing through a veil this year. October was spent getting settled in the new house and so it was not dominated by the usual month-long anticipation for Hallowe’en that it usually is.

November, however, feels suitably spooky this year. It’s ghosts and ghouls from here on out until Christmas tries to fill the world with light again — and, given how we’ve just entered another national lockdown, I don’t see Christmas lights fixing the atmosphere much.

On the day, we went on a walk around Huddersfield, in the orbit of Lockwood Cemetery. Between the cemetery, the disused Meltham railway and the witchy woods around them, it was a pretty spectacular afternoon.

In the evening, as well as tuning into the Repeater x Neon Hospice marathon, we watched Host and Spiral — pleasantly surprised by both; would recommend.

I have a few Hallowe’en-themed posts in the oven still. It’ll feel a bit weird posting them in November or December but it can’t be helped. I’m feeling post-Hallowe’en more than pre-Hallowe’en this year.