I very occasionally make videos, do livestreams — whether on my own YouTube Channel, someone else’s, or on Twitch — and sometimes people want to talk to me about something for some reason. This is where that stuff lives.


Back in 2015, I went to this ceramics exhibition at the National Museum in Cardiff called Fragile? The last room of the exhibition was home to Keith Harrison’s installation Mute which consisted of a giant wall of speakers attached to two turntables. Each of the speakers had a ceramic disc attached to its front and the idea was that, over the course of the exhibition, you could watch the deterioration of these ceramics plates through sound.

On the wall behind the turntables there were lots of records you could use to abuse the speakers for yourself. Jazz worked best, apparently. Brass timbres seemed to do a lot of damage. I wanted to find out for myself so, one Sunday during the unusually hot Welsh summer, I decided to cycle over with a record bag and play some of my noisiest records for a hour. I think its the most fun I had all year.

Unboxing the Machines: An Unboxing Video

Robin at Urbanomic sent me a Toy Model AGI Playset. I decided to make an unboxing video for it to demonstrate how it can help you better understand Reza Negarestani’s highly-anticipated 2018 book Intelligence & Spirit.

One Second a Day 2017

An old video, revisited in early 2019 as a way of reflecting on what was a tumultuous year, close to the second anniversary of Mark Fisher’s death.

Halloween 2018

I’ve made a pumpkin carving video with my family and friends (almost) every year since 2012. It’s something of a lame but endearing (to us) tradition that I hope will continue on the blog.

Xenogothic 1st Birthday Stream

On 10th October 2018, Xenogothic turned 1. I got drunk, answered some questions, went through some of my record collection and talked about my forthcoming Egress book.


I spoke about the aesthetic implications of the weird and the wyrd in relation to patchwork (via Skype) at this event held at Punctum in Prague on Saturday 22nd September 2018. The event was live-streamed on Justin Murphy’s YouTube channel.

You can read a transcript of my presentation here.

Other Life: “The Ethics of Shoplifting From Self-Service Kiosks”

Talking patchwork, amongst other things, with Justin Murphy on a livestream on his YouTube channel on Tuesday 3rd July 2018.

[Removed, presumably due to Justin’s various shitposting controversies, although I thought it was now widely accepted that we’re a nation of shoftlifters.]