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Xenogothic holds onto a utopian view of the blogosphere where blogging is done for its own sake. As a public notebook, it is a space to enter into dialogue with others and overcome the more isolating aspects of a para-academic’s existence. To monetise access to this kind of work is to fundamentally undermine its principles and its fugitivity from restrictive forms of “professionalisation”.

More and more, it is the case that if monetisation is your goal, you have to erect paywalls in front of your content. It’s a depressing state of affairs. Whereas other platforms, particularly YouTube, provide a way to profit from open-access cultural production, other mediums have fallen by the wayside, with writing online especially being increasingly seen as an unprofitable enterprise.

I have no interest in moving from writing to video but I nonetheless continue to struggle financially, juggling the blog around an ad hoc freelance career in exhibitions and publishing. I have been left thinking about how I can use the blog as a platform to help support myself whilst also staying true to my principles of open-access and cultural generosity.

If you want to support these principles and the work produced on this blog, there are numerous things that you can do to help. Below is a list of ways that you can support this blog, either on a voluntary basis or in exchange for other things.

The best thing you can do is subscribe to the blog and support it with a small monthly contribution. If you have a WordPress account and use it to follow the blog, you can use the button below to sign up to a monthly subscription fee of £2.50. (You can use the same button below to adjust the price and pay what you want.)

Alternatively, you can buy merch on BigCartel and Teespring. You can buy copies of my books. You can buy me a coffee via my Ko-Fi profile. You can also sign up to the the XG Patreon to gain access to a private Discord server for $5 per month.

I’m hugely appreciative of all the support I’ve already received from people over the last few years and hopefully this makes sense, within the current climate, as a transparent way to support the work done here in order to keep up the consistency of my content in a world that is increasingly precarious and unforgiving for those of us wanting to produce written content available to all.