Praise for ‘Postcapitalist Desire’

This page is a collection of endorsements for and reviews of Mark Fisher’s Postcapitalist Desire: The Final Lectures, which I edited for Repeater Books, who published the collection (initially as an ebook) on 10th September 2020.

Short excerpts from reviews are listed chronologically, with the most recent appearing first.

[T]he recent publication of Mark Fisher’s Postcapitalist Desire, his final lectures at Goldsmiths College, edited and curated by Matt Colquhoun for Repeater Books, is immensely precious. Fisher’s last lessons are so vital because they feel familiarly alien and complex within Fisher’s own body of work, extending the ever-present rupture within his posterity.

The bleeding heart of this project is the yearning for a better life, the joys and failures such yearning brings. Contrary to the emaciated ravers and McDonalds outlets that dotted the drowned London which we have accustomed ourselves to while digesting the dirges of Capitalist Realism’s lost futures, Postcapitalist Desire is inhabited by the dim, and sometimes fading, aura of the generations of workers, students, and pop superstars who dreamt of an abundance which looks at once hopelessly impossible and painfully near. It stems from a form of fun and desire which have little to do with our present umbilical turn-ons and resentments, one that speaks to us through (quoting Herbert Marcuse), “the spectre of a world which could be free”. Postcapitalist Desire is a brief and experimental reconstruction of the march of our own consciousness towards a more thorough and sincere form of enjoyment.

— Enrico Monacelli, “The Last Money on Earth: Mark Fisher’s Postcapitalist Desire” for The Quietus

How can the libidinal infrastructure of capitalism be confronted and reconfigured for communism? These lectures, intimate and exploratory, don’t have all the answers — more vital than that, they show the necessity of this wrenching question in our catastrophic times.

— Nicholas Thoburn, author of Anti-Book: On the Art and Politics of Radical Publishing

Mark’s unparalleled ability to infuse ideas with life comes across beautifully in these lectures. Throughout his work, he never stopped believing in and working towards an escape from capitalism — and this series of talks finds Mark weaving his way through working-class history, countercultural libidinal movements, and high theory in an unwavering effort to find just such an escape.”

— Nick Srnicek, author of Platform Capitalism

Mark Fisher was a brilliant public speaker. He found new connections between music, psychoanalysis, and politics. His lectures opened the world, making it available not just for critique but for comradeship.

Jodi Dean, author of Comrade: An Essay on Political Belonging

Mark Fisher has proven to be one of the most influential thinkers of our time. This influence has been exerted not only via his books, his blog, his talks, but also — crucially — his teaching. This volume offers an invaluable insight into Mark’s understanding of postcapitalist desire by giving the reader a glimpse of how he approached it with his students. The lectures are a fantastic resource for those of us interested in consciousness, counterculture, and communism. To read them is to remember, once again, Mark’s relentless appetite for the emancipation of desire from capital.

Helen Hester, author of Xenofeminism