I’m not as new to this blogging thing as some people might think. In fact, I’ve been blogging prolifically since I was 14 years old. I’ve had many blogs over the years — from throwaway pseudonym-of-the-month affairs to one particular photography blog under my own name which I posted on multiple times a week for about 6 years.

Previous blogs have always been 99% photography, 1% writing — a reversal of the current state of things. These blogs never really took off. I don’t think anyone in photography crowds gave a shit about my little essays and I think everyone in writerly philosophy crowds saw me as “just a photographer”.

In a depression a few years back I basically gave up photography, deleted my old blogs, killed off an old website and basically reinvented myself when I started However, as more and more time goes on, I start to get more and more nostalgic for those older blogs and the projects that I put so much time and effort into.

A lot of this stuff was music photography — photographing bands and gigs and festivals — but also other short series and projects. As I find these on old hard drives, I’ll be posting them on the blog and then listing them here.

I’ve already promised myself that I’ll add more photo-diary stuff to this blog — you can find all this via the “photography” post category — but, as I dig through my archive, I’m going to post more substantial projects in here too. (Photobooks and zines will still live on the main “books” page, however.)

If you like what you see and you’re in the market for some pics, I’m still up for working with people on projects. I’m just over pursuing it as my primary source of income…

New Colour Fields | Your Wildness Revisited

More coming soon…