Merch thirst is real and having blog merch is an extravagance I find hilarious. Publicly embrace your love of XG and support the blog by buying some of the merch below.

Obelisk #01

Obelisks mean a lot to ever since Robin Mackay dragged me through Cornish undergrowth to find a giant obelisk installed in woodland to memorialise a horse.

This is not that obelisk, but it stands in for one bloody big goth horse somewhere. We salute you, horses of the apocalypse.

Available to buy from Teespring.

XG Backpatch

I once got asked to identify what band this was when I was in a pub and when I said it wasn’t a band logo but a blog logo, the person backed away very slowly and didn’t speak to me again.

You too can have an experience like this with the Xenogothic backpatch.

Available to buy from Bandcamp.