Xenogothic Radio #1: Introduction

I said ages ago that I was going to do this and, well… I’ve been doing it…

This project has grown out of control. The first episode was turning into a 2+ hour monstrosity and so I’m figuring out how best to break things down. This initial titbit, consisting of a ten-minute introduction and a 30 minute mix, is to start us off and also light a flame under my butt so that I might finish the next parts off more quickly…



MIX: No Sleep In My Body


It was Geelia’s birthday a few weeks back and she threw one of the wildest parties I’ve been to in years. I made an 8hr mix for it because there was no wifi. We didn’t listen to all of it. I think everything everyone wanted to hear was played in the first two hours and then it went into disco and funk territory and the crowd was not about that. Here’s a tweaked version of those first two hours. They’re pretty chill. Good mix for a BBQ followed up by a slice of my mix from last summer.

Reasons to be Cheerful

A mix made for Ronnie Close. He’s currently travelling around the UK screening his film More Out of Curiosity in a number of locations (more details below). Tomorrow I’m going to see him / it in Manchester. He asked for a copy of my latest book (which is still up on Blurb, waiting to be bought by you) and “some new music”.

Two days later and I’ve made this mix CD to go with the title of his brilliant blog, Reasons To Be Cheerful. It’s certainly kept me cheerful in the car today. Enjoy.