The Gothic has long been representative of limits. Initially used to invoke our own barbarous pasts, it now brings to mind the signs and signifiers at the edge of what we know and understand — the weird, the eerie, the grotesque.

More recently, it has become synonymous with a largely outdated and conservative subculture. The Gothic eats and humiliates itself, unable to keep up with the present, much like everything else.

This blog was born out of a long-held feeling that I’m not a very good Goth, but this is an imposter syndrome and perspective I’ve recently come to embrace. Xenogothic is an attempt to rescue the Gothic from its own reflection. It is for a Gothic that exists outside itself.


On this blog, I write about philosophy, politics and culture — often all at once. I sometimes sell merch at my shop, and occasionally self-publish books or zines, all of which helps me keep things tidy around here and fund some of my more ambitious projects. Right now, I’m playing at making radio shows and saving up for a decent microphone.

I’m also currently working on a long-term writing project — not sure what it is or what it’s for yet — researching how Gothic aesthetics, so often symbolic of the dissolution of the state and its subjects, inform our understanding (and fear) of transcendental geopolitics and radical political alternatives.

You can email me at xenogoth@gmail.com.