New Tenderness 016

The weather in Newcastle (and elsewhere) has been so unpredictable over the last month. The first bright, crisp days of autumn have finally arrived, but we were battered by uncharacteristic heat, humid rains, thunder and lightning, and gales as they made their way to us. I’ve spent most of that time alone in my flat, either playing The Legend of Zelda or watching it all unfold as I write and read on my perch in the bay window.

This is a mix for haunted and unpredictable weather. I have had it on repeat at home for weeks. I hope you find it equally satisfying to live in as the seasons change wherever you are.


  1. Ivor Cutler – Time
  2. Akron/Family – How Do I Know
  3. Bruce Langhorne – Windmill
  4. Antena – Noelle a Hawaii
  5. Mount Eerie – (Wind Lyrics)
  6. Otro – Untitled (for Mark)
  7. Iceboy Violet & Florence Sinclair – Black Gold
  8. Brian Eno & Harold Budd – Wind in Lonely Fences
  9. Oöphoi – I Hear the Wind Singing (Part Two)
  10. Oneohtrix Point Never – Krumville
  11. Soccer Mommy – With U
  12. Meredith Graves – Took the Ghost to the Movies
  13. Oxes – I’m From Hell, Open a Windle
  14. Lee Gamble – She’s Not
  15. Whirr – Ghost
  16. Piotr Kurek – Walk
  17. EMS : Piano – Grazing (Part One)

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