New Tenderness 014

As ever on New Tenderness, we’re making another drastic sonic shift this month. Last month’s show was my set from the Itty Bitty No Titty Kitty on June 9th at the Lubber Fiend, and now we’re fast approaching August and so much has changed.

After a few solid months of dancing and listening to jungle, I am tired. My listening habits have slowed down accordingly, shifting from drum’n’bass and happy hardcore to moody slowcore, doom metal and midwestern emo.

Oddly enough, this shift was instigated by Jeff Buckley. Much to my own surprise, I heard his first and only album Grace in full for the first time very recently.

Listen below to a little ramble about Grace and Simone Weil, before 40 mins of various shades of emo and other things.

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