Cringe and Commitment after the End of History:
XG at the Lubber Fiend

On Wednesday 21st June, I’ll be doing a reading from my new book, Narcissus in Bloom, to help celebrate the launch of Craig Pollard‘s new zine, Cringe & Commitment after the End of History.

Come down to the Lubber Fiend for all the fun. More details on their website:

Join us for the launch of a new zine by Craig Pollard, with readings by Craig and Matt Colquhoun, video works by Shumon Basar and Holly Márie Parnell, and sounds throughout the night from (DJ) IMELDA.

“Built upon a sense that ‘killing the part of you that cringes’ might have something to do with living after the end of history, this essay inadvertently becomes a reflection on the 2010s. It charts ambivalence as an appropriate response to the ongoing afterlives of neoliberalism and works towards a consideration of cringe-embrace and its latent politics.”

7pm – 10pm. Free entry. Everyone welcome.

Craig Pollard is a music maker and writer, thinking mostly about art making and the internet. A collection of essays were brought together in Inside a Gleaming Feeling (The Grass is Green in the Fields For You, 2020). He currently hosts a monthly radio show on Slack’s, interviewing and sharing thoughts with friends on a range of topics (autotheory, ambivalence, demolition, Billy Joel, etc.)

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