Flashes of Light, Echoes of Drumbeats

In response to Clíodhna Timoney’s exhibition Flashes of Light … Rosa Abbott has written a text reflecting on various urban and rural geographies, electrification, and the liberatory potential of rave culture. It takes the form of a series of letters to the late writer Mark Fisher, whose text ‘Baroque Sunbursts’ was a reference point for Timoney‘s exhibition.

Thanks to Kasia for sharing this. I’m sorry to have missed Timoney’s recent exhibition, but this studio visit video is great. She talks at length about the kinds of weird and eerie encounters that I know so many of us have been struck by as well, whether in Mark’s work or elsewhere, as we wander together passed the lacunae of capitalist realism and through the gaps found in between its methods of enclosure.

Abbott’s letters are wonderfully evocative of this too; you can read them here.

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