A Note on Speed

As I continue to tidy up my notes on accelerationism, finishing the follow-up to this post from January, a note on speed from Deleuze:

[Speed] doesn’t mean to be the first to finish… Nor does it mean always changing… Speed is to be caught in a becoming that is not a development or an evolution.

The “gotta go fast” version of accelerationism, bastardised by fascists and reactionaries, is mistaken in its attempts at an “accelerated” transformation of the social order. Speed, for the accelerationist, instead refers to more explicitly minor positions that are — or must be — fugitive.

Speed here is not related to a race from A to B, but the sort of speed that is prized in fights and battles of a more literal kind — in boxing, in the martial arts. It is to use speed to dodge and weave. To dance with and out-maneuver your opponent.

To be fast, to be speedy, is to flow along and across and through “an abstract and broken line, a zigzag that slips ‘between’.”

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