Year in Review

It’s been an odd year… I’ve spent most of it doing the following: settling into a new city, Newcastle Upon Tyne; finishing my second book, Narcissus in Bloom; starting my PhD; and having a breakdown.

When I think about time spent blogging, I feel like I’ve actually neglected this space a lot this year. That has perhaps only been true the last few months, from late summer onwards. And it was certainly strange to use this space so sparingly. My life has revolved around it for around five years. And then suddenly, it didn’t.

Or maybe it is more accurate to say that I’ve simply used the blog differently this year — more diaristically, perhaps. As I look back over everything posted this year, the suggestion I’ve used the blog less than previous years certainly feels like an illusion. I’ve written about as much as I have any other year, albeit perhaps not on such a wide array of topics. It has most served a more explicitly therapeutic purpose than ever before.

But I think a lot of what has come out of this changed relation has been interesting. It remains so to me, at least. In fact, I’m oddly proud of what I did write this year. I moved into new territory and onto new topics and spent plenty of time feeling inspired as a result. I only wish I didn’t have to have a breakdown to appreciate the breakthroughs.

Outside of the blog, I think the most significant thing published this year was my introduction to the reissue of Mark Fisher’s Ghosts of my Life, which I’m also very proud of, as it’s not often I get to really flex my cybrarian muscles these days, sketching out the development of a given concept or idea (in this instance, “hauntology”) through a URL rabbit hole.

The last few months have also given me time to travel. Trips to London, Kraków and Málaga have been hugely inspiring in terms of building international solidarity post-Covid and reconnecting with a broader community of people who all share similar interests. (Something I do not take for granted, as the blogging life can be quite solitary.) I’m hoping there’ll be more opportunities to talk with people in the flesh in 2023.

But until then, as is tradition, here are all of the posts I’ve written this year, sorted into loose categories. Apologies that one category definitely takes precedence over all the others… But that’s just how this year has gone…

There’s a bunch of Mark Fisher-related stuff, as ever; a few posts on more general topics or current events, and also a few podcast / radio appearances. Seeing it all together, it looks like quite a lot… Weird to feel like I’ve distinctly slowed down… Time and productivity have lost all meaning, it seems.

Here’s hoping 2023 isn’t an utter crap shoot, for all of us.

Mark Fisher

Five Years [13/01/2022]
Disintensification-by-Canonisation: Thoughts on the Fisher-Function [20/01/2022]
For K-Punk 2022: Robin Mackay’s ‘By The North Sea’ [21/01/2022]
For K-Punk 2022 // By The North Sea [28/01/2022]
Jornada de Vigilia por Mark Fisher [15/02/2022]
“Maintaining Now the Spectres of Mark.” [20/02/2022]
Caja Negra’s Mark Fisher Vigil [23/02/2022]
Egress Review: “Un lenguaje común” by Óscar Brox [08/03/2022]
Notes on Capitalist Surrealism [17/03/2022]
Mark Fisher in Translation: Transnational Communities of Capitalist Realism [07/04/2022]
Mark Fisher’s Ghosts of my Life: Zer0 Classics Edition [08/05/2022]
Mark Fisher in Translation — Video Now Online [09/06/2022]
Desiderio Postcapitalista. Le Ultime Lezioni. [03/07/2022]
ポスト資本主義の欲望 — Japanese Translation of Postcapitalist Desire [18/07/2022]
Rob Doyle on Ghosts of My Life [26/07/2022]
Storm Crow [01/08/2022]
Mental Health is (Still) a Political Issue: On Mark Fisher’s Lost Futures at the Moth Club [10/08/2022]
For K-Punk: Ghosts of My Life [12/09/2022]
For K-Punk: Ghosts of My Life — Full Lineup Announcement [04/10/2022]
Resurfacing, Resisting: Capitalist Realism in 2022 [05/10/2022]
For K-Punk: Ghosts of My Life — Photos and Audio [24/10/2022]

The Time I Spent Having a Very Public Mental Breakdown and Manically Writing a Lot About Writing

Mundane Schizophrenias: Notes on Wounds and Degraded Ideals [22/02/2022]
Wound Stories: The Orphan-Unconscious in Harry Potter and Anti-Oedipus [09/03/2022]
Our Last Night Together [15/03/2022]
Home [17/03/2022]
Relationships and the Real: Thoughts on Desiring-Production as Social Production [15/05/2022]
Sex and Subjective Instability [16/05/2022]
Dreams of the Liminal [18/05/2022]
What Crisis? [19/05/2022]
The Maternal Return [20/05/2022]
The Problem of Love Unregulated [21/05/2022]
Masculinity, Patriarchy and the New Tenderness [22/05/2022]
Burn the Diaries [23/05/2022]
Coming Home to Self [24/05/2022]
Wounds [26/05/2022]
Strength [27/05/2022]
Negative Participation [28/05/2022]
Meatspace [28/05/2022]
Meatspace 2 [07/06/2022]
Cause and Affect: On Spinoza and Mark Fisher [14/06/2022]
Untitled (Three Days of Calm) [17/06/2022]
House Sparrow [20/06/2022]
Questions [22/06/2022]
Material Love [24/06/2022]
Trauma Self [25/06/2022]
Lion [25/06/2022]
Lost and Safe [26/05/2022]
No Transformation [27/06/2022]
Seeing and Seen [28/06/2022]
Reading [01/07/2022]
Knights of Journals [02/07/2022]
Taking Risks [04/07/2022]
Absurdity [05/07/2022]
Actualising Literature [06/07/2022]
Mind and Matter: A Note on Acid Communism [14/07/2022]
A World of One’s Own (Part One) [15/07/2022]
A World of One’s Own (Part Two) [16/07/2022]
A World of One’s Own (Part Three) [17/07/2022]
A World of One’s Own (Part Four) [18/07/2022]
Deleuze and the Temporalities of Mental Illness [19/07/2022]
Sense, Sensation, Sensuality: Sex and the Body without Organs [20/07/2022]
A World of One’s Own (Part Five) [21/07/2022]
A World of One’s Own (Part Six) [22/07/2022]
Collioure [23/07/2022]
Discharged: Notes on Annie Ernaux and the End of a Diary [23/07/2022]
I Cried At Your Show With The Teenagers: On Phoebe Bridgers [24/07/2022]
Surfeminism: Notes on an Androgynous Writing [27/07/2022]
Ouija Words: On Sylvia Plath [28/07/2022]
Midnight Automatic [29/07/2022]
Writing After Silence [30/07/2022]
Unlatched Red Being: On Anne Carson and Phoebe Bridgers [31/07/2022]
Diary Fragments [03/08/2022]
Synchronicity and the Will-To-Chance: Notes on the Ruptured Space-Time of Trauma [04/08/2022]
Notes on Estrangement: Decreation and Ekstasis [08/08/2022]
Researching Sleep: Writing Lacunae [11/08/2022]
Coming Through: Notes on Solitude and Substance, Fashion and Poetry [25/08/2022]
Stigmatext / Statictext [18/11/2022]
The Meds Stopped Working [19/12/2022]


Vile Venerations, Past and Present: Thoughts on Blair and Colston [07/01/2022]
Everyday Authoritarianism [12/01/2022]
Oedipal Israel: Notes on Oedipus Beyond Psychoanalysis [22/01/2022]
Ukraine [28/02/2022]
Disestablished Orders: Notes on Abstraction and Empathy in Culture and Politics [02/03/2022]
Peterson versus Foucault [14/03/2022]
Notes Against Reading Widely (For a Pluralist Militancy) [15/03/2022]
Can Straights Be Queer? [31/03/2022]
Nomads of the Deep: Notes on Palestine and the Orphan-Unconscious [22/05/2022]
A Note on The Madwoman in the Attic [02/08/2022]
“En este lugar nunca estuvo Palbo Ruiz Picasso”: Notes on the Deterritorialization of Málaga [17/12/22]
Abolition of the Family, Abolition of the Individual: Notes on Anti-Oedipus [22/12/2022]

Film & TV

Spencer [03/01/2022]
It’s Mattel’s Hyperreality, We Just Live in It [31/01/2022]
The Demon of the Continent: Notes on Prey [12/08/2022]
Capitalism and Control: The Oedipal Rise of Steve Jobs [15/08/2022]
Drug War, Time War [13/12/2022]


There’s No End [10/02/2022]
The Spectre of Indie Sleaze [09/03/2022]
The Return of the New (Again) [06/04/2022]
Woodstock ’99: A Mismanaged Structure of Feeling [23/08/2022]
“New Mask” by NY Graffiti [03/09/2022]
Make It Nu: Thoughts on Modernism and Rap Metal [13/12/2022]
2022: Albums of the Year [14/12/2022]


Translating Silence: Notes on Bousquet and Learning French [04/02/2022]
“Joe Bousquet and his Double” by René Nelli [Draft Translation] [17/02/2022]
“Joe Bousquet and the Morality of Language” by Ferdinand Alquié [Draft Translation] [19/02/2022]


NFTs and Open Access: Power in the Age of Digital Individualism [24/01/2022]
NFTs and Open Access: Promiscuous Communities [03/02/2022]


A World Without Any Future?: XG at Kunstraum Lakeside [31/01/2022]
Anti-Oedipus, Pro-Antigone: XG at Unsound 2022 [29/09/2022]
Anti-Oedipus, Pro-Antigone: Notes from Unsound 2022 [14/10/2022]


2022 Slug [11/01/2022]
Friends are Good [11/04/2022]
Spring News [01/05/2022]
Transitions [23/05/2022]
Coffee in Crisis [24/07/2022]
Patchwork: A Reflection [23/12/2022]


New Year’s Day [02/01/2022]
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Harlow Carr [16/02/2022]
Rain [18/02/2022]
Slaithwaite Canal [27/02/2022]
Move (Part One) [09/03/2022]
Iceboy Violet at the Star and Shadow [22/03/2022]
Move (Part Two) + Tusk Mini [04/04/2022]
Incursions (11/04/2022) [14/04/2022]
Armstrong Bridge [15/04/2022]
¡PASCUA! [27/04/2022]
Incursions (18/04/2022) [29/04/2022]
No Familiar [10/05/2022]
Incursions (09/05/2022) [13/05/2022]
Late May [16/06/2022]
Incursions (23/05/2022) [19/06/2022]
Saz [21/06/2022]
Tynemouth [23/06/2022]
Whitley Bay [23/06/2022]
25/06/2022 [29/06/2022]
Possible Hope [13/08/2022]
Beachfires [27/08/2022]
Kuba Ryniewicz’ Parallel Stories From Here [09/09/2022]
London [15/11/2022]
Sully x Flowdan [17/11/2022]
Marsden Rock [19/11/2022]
Blanchland Moor [21/11/2022]
Bonfire Night [23/11/2022]
Night Walks [25/11/2022]
Corin [27/11/2022]
Penance Stare + Divide & Dissolve [08/12/2022]
November [09/12/2022]

Essays Elsewhere

Chimeras: Inventory of Synthetic Cognition [19/04/2022]
“A Subject Cut Into Pieces”: Interview in The Courier [30/06/2022]
『無条件加速主義入門』Japanese Translation of the U/Acc Primer [28/11/2022]

Podcasts & Radio

The K Files Teaser Trailer [15/01/2022]
Blobtology: XG on Horror Vanguard [09/02/2022]
The K-Files: Episodes So Far [21/02/2022]
The K-Files: Episode #3 — “Who’s Pulling Your Strings?” [07/03/2022]
The K-Files: Episode #04 — “Have You Been Enjoying Yourself?” [15/03/2022]
Getting Out of our Faces with Zer0 Books Patreons [23/03/2022]
The K-Files: Episode #05 — “Terminator Vs. Avatar” [12/04/2022]
In memoriam Mark Fisher (1968-2017) — Radio Tribute on Österreich 1 [06/05/2022]
Dream Flats w/ Kitty & Archie on Slacks Radio [21/06/2022]
New Tenderness 001 [05/08/2022]
XG on “Behind the News” [26/08/2022]
Ghosts of My Life: XG on Horror Vanguard [01/09/2022]
New Tenderness 002 [06/09/2022]
New Tenderness 003 [04/10/2022]
New Tenderness 004 [06/11/2022]
New Tenderness 005 [02/12/2022]
New Tenderness 006 [20/12/2022]

Patreon Posts

XG Reading Group 4.0: Postcapitalist Desire [19/01/2022]
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