For K-Punk:
Ghosts of my Life —
Photos and Audio

A huge thank you to everyone who came down to the Lubber Fiend over the other weekend to attend or otherwise take part in our For K-Punk celebrations. Though our all-dayer took place on Saturday, for those of us organising and hosting it turned into an extra-long weekend of conversations and reflections. (For me, this began almost as soon as I touched down from Unsound in Kraków, and went on until Tuesday, so it has been non-stop but I’ve loved every minute of it.)

Below are all the photos I took from Friday to Monday, from our initial meet-ups to the Incursions walk around Newcastle, reflecting on the city’s architectural lost futures, with some recovering with friends old and new at intervals in between.

Also included are recordings from the For K-Punk day itself, which were broadcast on Slacks Radio.

Friday 14th

Saturday 15th

‘Distribution of Power’
Synth Workshop


[I didn’t get any photos from the book discussion, on account of the fact I was helping to chair it. But we had food after and lots of pints.]

Pennelope Trappes

Listen to Pennelope’s set, as broadcast on Slack’s Radio, below:


Listen to AJA’s set, as broadcast on Slack’s Radio, below:

W.H.Y. (Live)

Listen to W.H.Y.’s set, as broadcast on Slack’s Radio, below:



Jennifer Walton

Sunday 16th

Monday 17th:
Incursions Walk

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