Mental Health is (Still) a Political Issue:
On Mark Fisher’s Lost Futures
at the Moth Club

I’ll be in London on September 11th to give my first IRL talk on Mark Fisher’s work since 2020. Hosted by Deeper Into Movies at the Moth Club in Hackney, it’ll be a talk about mental health and capitalism, and how to continue thinking about their relationship through Fisher’s work.

You can find more information and get tickets via DiceFM here. Abstract below:

Mental Health is (Still) A Political Issue: On Mark Fisher’s Lost Futures

A talk by Matt Colquhoun

This talk will reconsider Mark Fisher’s notion of “lost futures”, its relation to capitalist realism and his work as a whole, and how the concept may be rethought positively, rather than depressively, after his death. Focusing less on Fisher’s own suicide, which now casts a long shadow over his work, we will consider the suicidality of capitalism as a socioeconomic system in general, and reaffirm why, as Fisher himself insisted, “mental health is a political issue” that must be addressed if we are to reclaim the futures that capitalism denies us.

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