Meatspace 2

I’ve received a lot of messages over the last week, many of which I’ve not replied to, but I just want to say thank you to everyone who reached out.

I’m doing well, I’m setting plans in motion to try and access the support I’ve been seeking for years, and I have a lot of very good friends around me to help me along the way. A new dose of medication has turned the volume right down on a lot of emotional distress and, without wanting to jinx anything, I’m on my third day of feeling relatively human. I may be coming out the other side of a pretty terrifying month and I feel like I’m in shock about it.

I appreciate I worried a lot of people, which I am sorry for. I was worried myself. My depressions have been getting worse and worse for a few years now and, whilst I’ve generally steadied myself by blogging through them, a compulsive honesty on the blog was and remains a bad habit I’m going to curtail for the time being.

But things are looking up. I have been so cared for this past week, staying with friends, enclosed in a little village of compassion, and whilst it has undoubtedly been a stressful and intense time for all involved, I could not have seen this through without them.

So I’m okay. Still a long way to go. But hopefully we may be returning to some sort of normality. One step at a time.

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