Mark Fisher’s Ghosts of my Life:
Zer0 Classics Edition

The first in a new series of Zer0 Classics have been announced: a new edition of Mark Fisher’s Ghosts of my Life. I was invited to write a new introduction and Simon Reynolds has contributed an afterword.

As a little precis to my introduction, I’ve done my best to chronicle the development of one of the book’s central concepts: hauntology. I chart its emergence through the blogosphere, the initial backlash in the early 2010s, its jousting with accelerationism, and finally consider why the book was eventually published and struck such a chord, despite the fact many considered hauntology to be over by the time Ghosts was published in 2014. I hope it adds some considerable context to a book that far exceeded its blogospheric moment and why it continues to resonate today.

No word on a release date as yet, but watch this space.

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