The K-Files:
Episodes So Far

I’ve been a little distracted of late and just realised that I hadn’t yet boosted either episode of The K-Files here yet.

ICYMI, The K-Files is a new venture from we three Buddies Without Organs, exploring the lesser known works of Mark Fisher.

We kicked things off with a favourite post of mine, “Megalithic Astropunk”, and then interviewed Robin Mackay about his time with the Ccru and his recent audio, By The North Sea — a piece about his relationship with Mark and the Ccru and an unfinished project that Robin returned to after Mark’s death, which was recently premiered as the fifth annual Mark Fisher Memorial Lecture, hosted by For K-Punk (myself and Natasha Eves).

We’re trying to keep to much more regular deadlines for these episodes than we had previously when reading Deleuze, so we already have another episode in the can, which will be dropping imminently.

To stay up to date, you can follow the Buddies on Twitter, but since the podcast is now being hosted by Zer0 Books, you can also find every new episode on their their YouTube channel. Click on the embeds below to go subscribe!


  1. Have you watched the 2020 film adaptation of Last and First Men? The purest expression of megalithic astropunk. The film is actually narration over footage of very odd, almost alien looking Yugoslavian memorials in a socialist modernist fashion. Very eerie and sublime, much like the source material.

  2. the conversation with Robin was just superb — really excited to see what else the buddies have got coming

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