What’s Next From Zer0 Books?:
A New Series from Buddies Without Organs

The future of Zer0 Books looks bright. In recent weeks, it has become an unlikely hub of activity and planning for various comrades. Having long since admired each other around the Twittersphere and elsewhere, Zer0 Books is bringing people together to establish a vibrant network of thinkers and producers, all working under one roof.

The crew behind the Acid Horizon podcast are leading the way, planning some amazing material for the new channel, including an archival show digging into Zer0’s substantial back catalogue. There’s also a new podcast on Gothic Marxism coming called Profane Illuminations, hosted by Jon and Kyle. And we’re very excited to announce that Sean, Corey and myself, the Buddies Without Organs, will be presenting a series called The K-Files, doing some deep dives into Mark Fisher’s lesser-known work and the media that inspired him.

Watch Craig’s update video below to hear more about these plans. To stay up-to-date, you can subscribe to the Zer0 Books YouTube channel and support the creation of all this new content over on Patreon. 2022 is going to be an exciting year!

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