Literary Ley Lines:
XG in the Liminal Lounge

Many thanks to Bec for having in the Liminal Lounge. We talked about photography and theory-fiction, and later got embroiled in one of my favourite topics, literary ley lines.

Thoroughly enjoyed chatting to Bec, as always, and do go check out her new website, Liminal Worlds, which is already a treasure trove of research and projects. It’s going to become a go-to rabbit hole in no time at all.

Join me, Lady Liminal, and the mighty, Matt Colquhoun AKA Xenogothic, as we wander and ponder the Liminal Worlds…

In this episode Matt and I discuss landscape, literature and the ley, amongst many other things.

So make yourselves comfortable, and prepare to lose yourselves within the Liminal Worlds.

Relax, nothing is under control…

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