“A teacher ‘who really gave a shit'”:
For k-punk in The Art Newspaper

Many thanks to Kabir Jhala, who interviewed Natasha Eves and I for an article about this year’s For k-punk event at the ICA. You can read it here.

This nearly five-hour-long “digital afterparty” is “part virtual club night, part lecture and an expression of collective grief”, says the writer Matt Colquhoun, who edited Postcapitalist Desire and, along with the textile artist Natasha Eves, organises For k-punk. “We debuted it at 10pm to mimic a club night and held a Discord server with all of our friends. It was the closest thing we’ll get to a gig for a while,” Eves says. Both were students of Fisher’s at the time of his death — For k-punk commemorates a teacher who “really gave a shit”, they say.

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