Desire with Dr Isabel Millar

Following conversations with Will Stronge, Dan Taylor and Hari Kunzru, we have one more conversation to close out what has been a really fascinating series.

This Wednesday, I’ll be joined by Dr Isabel Millar to talk about desire. This is a topic that has come up on a few occasions so far already, but it is perhaps the biggest can of worms. There are various different ways that we can understand desire and we’ll be exploring a few of these with Dr Millar, asking not only how we’ve understood this concept in the past but also how our understanding might change in the future.

As ever, you can find a introduction below, along with a link to the YouTube link where we can watch our conversation live.

Mark Fisher’s final lectures, on the topic of postcapitalist desire, are life-affirming and speculative. Their unfinished nature is tragic but Fisher was not alone in exploring the possible emergence of new worlds beyond our capitalist reality. In this series of conversations, Matt Colquhoun explores how Fisher’s concerns are shared by other writers and thinkers at work today.

In our fifth and final session, we will be joined by philosopher and psychoanalytic theorist Dr Isabel Millar. Though Fisher’s interest in “postcapitalism” is likely to initially grab the attention of most readers, the role of “desire” in instantiating such a world cannot be underestimated. We will end this series of conversations by asking what “desire” means to us in the present (and may mean to us in the future), and how Lacan’s understanding of the concept, in particular, remains relevant to us today.

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