2020: The Year in Review

It’s been a busy year of boredom, books, blogposts and bust-ups.

Usually, at this time of year, I write some meandering post summarising the last twelve months, reflecting a bit on all that has happened. This year, in 2020, I honestly don’t have the energy.

It has been a year defined, in my mind, by an almost unfathomable inactivity… And yet, at the same time, I published two books, went to my first academic conference (where I was the keynote), travelled abroad to talk about what I do, taught a class at the RCA, taught a course online, appeared on a dozen podcasts, started my own podcast, started a reading group, had blogposts translated into two languages, made friends, lost friends, moved house, gained weight, lost weight, quit smoking (again), met some of my heroes, mourned some of my heroes, walked a lot, read a lot, took a lot of photos.

To summarise all the ups and downs here would just give me trauma flashbacks, so let’s just say 2020 was big.

Some end-of-year stats… The blog has had upwards of 150,000 views — almost double what was clocked up in 2019. 10% of those views were for last year’s U/Acc Primer. People are clearly still hungry for an introduction to accelerationism — thankfully, I’m 60,000 words into a new book on the subject; Patreons can read the preface here.

Otherwise, I posted 290 times over the year, clocking up some 352,000 words. If you’re new to the blog or just want to catch up — lol — here’s everything (worth mentioning) that I posted over the last twelve months, roughly organised into topics. You can catch up on every other year of blogging over in the archive.

See you next year.

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