“Look for an Exit”:
T-Shirts in the Snow

Killing two birds with one stone: a sneak-peak at a future “winter walk” post as well as an opportunity to show off some of the new merch.

On Saturday morning, I received some samples of the new XG merch, beautifully designed by Craig of the Acid Horizon podcast and Crit Drip fame. Almost as soon as they arrived, I threw on one of the t-shirts to give it a test drive before heading out into the snow for a walk around the Marsden moors of West Yorkshire.

The pictures above were taken after a somewhat impromptu disrobing as we watched the sunset over the snow-covered hills. I wasn’t in a t-shirt for long but I was left paying for it on Sunday. I felt rough; I definitely caught a chill. It was beautiful weather though, and I am very happy to be able to confirm now that these t-shirts really came out great.

Please consider getting yourself or a reader one this Christmas! The proceeds really will help me out this holiday season after what has been a bleak 2020. Visit the store here to see all that’s on offer, and go support Craig over at Crit Drip too. His designs are excellent.

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