Brontë Country I

I have wanted to return to the village of Haworth for a few years now, ever since I first wrote about Wuthering Heights on the blog two and a half years ago.

Since we moved to West Yorkshire at the end of September, I’ve been itching to go. The Brontë parsonage is less than an hour’s drive from our new house but, since we’re now in a very high-risk area for the coronavirus, we were reticent about rocking up at a tourist hotspot.

Nevertheless, a few weeks ago, we went. After a brief look around a mostly battened-down Haworth, we popped in the parsonage giftshop, bought a map, and went on a very long walk across the moors.

I’m hoping to write something new about the Brontës soon but, until then, enjoy these photographs of the very witchy woods of West Yorkshire.

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