Buddies Without Organs:
Episode #01: Body Without Organs

I am very excited to announce that Sean the hauntonaut and I have started a new podcast together. It is called Buddies Without Organs.

The premise is that we are two buddies making neither head nor tail of Deleuze. Each week we pick a concept from Deleuze’s writings, read a relevant chapter from one of his books, and then try to guide each other (and you) through it, throwing it against our various interests as we go.

For the first episode we tackled — what else? — the “body without organs”. We’re hoping to do another episode every two weeks from here on out.

You can listen below via Soundcloud, follow us on Twitter here, and also follow the podcast as an RSS feed here.

Also, go and check out George Rennie, who has written a magnificent theme tune for us.

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Buddies Without Organs.

Hosted by Sean Pearce and Matt Colquhoun, BwO is a podcast exploring the concepts of Gilles Deleuze. Perhaps the best known of the French post-structuralists of the second half of the twentieth-century, Deleuze is a notoriously difficult thinker to read closely. Together, Sean and Matt hope to better their own understanding of his body of work as well as open up new entry points for others.

We began our adventure with our podcast’s namesake — the body without organs.

The BwO theme tune was written and recorded by George Rennie

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