Mark Fisher Revisited — Video

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s previously advertised conversation with Tariq Goddard, head honcho at Repeater Books, and Tõnis Kahu, lecturer at Tallinn University who wrote the afterword to the Estonian translation of Capitalist Realism.

We’d hoped to be there in person for a panel at the Kirjandusfestival Prima Vista in Tartu, Estonia, but, well, the world’s broken so maybe next year!

I thought the conversation was really excellent. There was a great dynamic and I felt we covered so much more ground than is usually at these things. It was wonderfully all-encompassing — a hard thing to pull off.

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  1. That’s a good talk. Thanks for sharing! It’s sad that both Mark Fisher and David Graeber have died. We could really use their voices right now. Instead, Jordan Peterson, in surviving a near death experience, is one of the voices we get to speak to our time and to get heard on the public stage.

    Mark Fisher was a bit older than I am. He was born in 1968 and I in 1975. But it’s the same broad so-called Generation X. The perception of generations is largely constructed upon shared cultural markers and, indeed, his cultural references are familiar to me.

    Yet in other ways, my life experience overlapped more with older Millennials. My high school and college years were entirely in the 1990s. The Cold War was of a more faint childhood memory, as opposed to older GenXers who were already in the adult world when the Berlin Wall came down.

    That is what I enjoyed about the discussion. Where are we right now? And what is possible in where we are heading? What will younger generations have to say as we continue to move on in the post-Trump era?

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