Hallowe’en felt like passing through a veil this year. October was spent getting settled in the new house and so it was not dominated by the usual month-long anticipation for Hallowe’en that it usually is.

November, however, feels suitably spooky this year. It’s ghosts and ghouls from here on out until Christmas tries to fill the world with light again — and, given how we’ve just entered another national lockdown, I don’t see Christmas lights fixing the atmosphere much.

On the day, we went on a walk around Huddersfield, in the orbit of Lockwood Cemetery. Between the cemetery, the disused Meltham railway and the witchy woods around them, it was a pretty spectacular afternoon.

In the evening, as well as tuning into the Repeater x Neon Hospice marathon, we watched Host and Spiral — pleasantly surprised by both; would recommend.

I have a few Hallowe’en-themed posts in the oven still. It’ll feel a bit weird posting them in November or December but it can’t be helped. I’m feeling post-Hallowe’en more than pre-Hallowe’en this year.

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