The Weird and the Eerie Revisited:
XG on Acid Horizon

Many thanks to Craig, Adam and Will for having me back on the Acid Horizon podcast once again to talk about Mark Fisher’s The Weird and the Eerie.

This was a great chat on Hallowe’en Eve. Listen above and read the introduction below.

Step through the oddly placed door and enter the world of the weird and the eerie. In this episode, we dive into Mark Fisher’s The Weird and the Eerie with author and photographer Matt Colquhoun ( Matt is the author of Egress: On Mourning, Melancholy and Mark Fisher. He has also edited the compilation final lecture series entitled Postcapitalist Desire. All of the titles mentioned are out on Repeater Books. In the episode we mention Freud, Deleuze, Kafka, Lovecraft, Lukacs, David Lynch and more.

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