Gaming The Aftermath — Coming Soon

In just under two weeks, on September 5th, I’m going to be presenting my recent post-Western research and talk about the “deframing power” (via Deleuze and Guattari) of The Last of Us Part II.

Follow the Diffractions Collective on WordPress, Twitter and elsewhere for more info closer to the time. Read their introduction below:

Gaming the Aftermath

Featuring: Reza Negarestani, Alexandre Monnin, Matt Colquhoun

September 5th 18:30 CET Online and Link Will Be Shared and Distributed

Surveying the current landscape, this series of workshops strive to unpack the role of gaming in the wake of disruptive Climate Change, developments in Artificial Intelligence and Simulation Modeling, and socio-political upheavals. Respectively, these workshops will investigate into what becomes the role of gaming as a vehicle to potential develop strategies that work in tandem against a present reality of crisis and engage with specific examples to explore how we can utilize them to conceive of alternative world-building or as a way to becomes resilient in the face of further catastrophe.

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