Egress — Coming Soon from Caja Negra

Matheus Calderón‘s Spanish translation of my old blogpost “The Capitalist Realism of ‘Capitalist Realism Is Ending'” has been published on the Caja Negra blog to coincide with the publication of volume two of the K-Punk anthology into Spanish.

There’s also a little announcement tucked away in an image caption:

Egress… Futura publicación de Caja Negra Editora.

I’ve been very excited about this. It is always an honour to be translated and especially in such great company. Caja Negra not only has the coolest name — Spanish for “black box”, tracking those lines of flight — but also an amazing roster.

Matheus has also been wonderful to chat to over recent months and I am really humbled that he would undertake this project. Go check out his work!

I hope to have more information for Spanish readers soon. Watch this space.

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