Under Brighton Pier (2014)

The first of what will hopefully be a few archival recordings, put up on Bandcamp just for fun and posterity. There are too many unfinished projects lingering on my hard drive, started at some point over the last five years — this is one of them.

In 2014, I made a collage of field recordings from a trip to the beach. Stood underneath Brighton pier, I was minding my own business, recording the sound of the shingle being dragged over itself by the tide — my favourite sound in the world, probably — when I was suddenly caught up in a seagull feeding frenzy. Someone had thrown a whole loaf of bread off the side of the pier above me and the seagulls cared far more about their feast than their proximity to me.

The resulting recording and series of images strangely meant the world to me. It was a magical, serendipitous moment that I’d somehow managed to capture cleanly with Zoom recorder in one hand and camera in the other. I had intended to memorialise that moment, encapsulating it within an unnecessarily extravagant object. I made a dubplate of the field recording and began to make a photobook of the images. Later, I set about constructing a box to contain the two.

Things did not go to plan. After spending most of my budget on the record, I abandoned the project and later forgot all about it.

The other day, I remember this weird moment and my plans for it and decided to resurrect it, at least in part. On 31st July, you can download the recording and a digital zine of images, alongside a short text recanting the story as it happened. This will be available for just £1.

I have also produced two limited edition black-and-white prints of photographs taken that day. The C Type prints are unframed, 420 x 297 mm, and each is an edition of 10. They’re priced at £30 each and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

You can pre-order here from Bandcamp and see some images of the prints below.

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