Front Window #11: Obelisk Hunt

Another Friday walk, from about a month ago, following #9 and #10.

This time we found ourselves swooping back and forth under a motorway, on the hunt for an obelisk that we didn’t find. We skirted the edges of suburbia and picked flowers and wild garlic.

This is the weekend that Boris gestured towards lifting some of the lockdown restrictions. (Still no idea what is or isn’t allowed anymore.) We were stopped, at one point, by a police officer, out in the middle of nowhere, where we had stopped to eat lunch. She didn’t seem to care that we were there but there had apparently been reports of a moped gang in the area. We hadn’t seen or heard anything.

Later we took a wrong turn somewhere and interrupted a fox stalking baby rabbits in a big open field. We also got told off by a farmer after somehow ending up on his land whilst looking for the obelisk.

The beaten tracks were busier than previously weeks and so we made a bit more of an effort to wander off them.

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