PlaguePod Live Day 53

I was last on the Urbanomic PlaguePod on day 9 of lockdown… Day 9…

Last night I jacked in for day 53. I feel like I’ve been chewed up and spat out the other end since then. Anyone else experiencing some hard mood swings since about day 25?

Anyway, it was an honour to do a bit of chatting with Agnès Gayraud and Mark Fell last night. Just like the shea hand cream in the drawer by the bed, PlaguePod remains the softening moisturiser applied generously to my cracked, dry and over-scrubbed quarantine interiority.

Urbanomic blurb below:

PlaguePod returns to take a look at Crack-Ups and Lockdowns, with readings of real-life and fictional breaking points and call-ins from listeners about their own, plus a return to the subject of mental health in weird COVID times with Matt Colquhoun aka Xenogothic. We have Mark Fell joining us to chat from deepest Rotherham with some extremely tidy tracks, and welcome Agnès Gayraud as our guide on a journey into ‘impossible’ French pop.

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