Egress: On Mourning, Melancholy and Mark Fisher — OUT NOW

Today’s the day! After what feels like an eternity, Egress is out now and available to buy from all good book shops.

I wrote a bit about the book here if you want to know more about the context from which it emerged..

If you want a copy, I’d recommend ordering it direct from Repeater Books website or checking out your local book store. If they don’t have it, ask them to order it in!

You can also try Blackwell’s, Barnes & Noble, Foyles, Penguin, Hive and Waterstones, and a bunch of other places. I don’t know what shops exist outside the UK but check your favourite shop’s website. It should be everywhere! (It is also on Amazon if you’re desperate.)

There is also an ebook available from Kobo, Kindle, and presumably all the usual places.

I’m going to be launching the book at the ICA tomorrow with Kodwo Eshun. There’ll be a reading, a conversation between Kodwo and I, and then a Q&A. After that, I’d like to get nice and drunk.

This event has been sold out for a while now, I’m afraid, but it’s worth checking out the Facebook event page as a few ticket exchanges have been going on there.

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