The 5000 Follower ‘Egress’ Preview Stream

I hit 5000 Twitter followers on Monday and, as is tradition when passing some sort of Twitter milestone, I did a live stream, hanging out and chatting about some stuff.

Previously I’ve gotten drunk and tried to play music whilst dodging YouTube’s in-built Shazam cop or given tours of my Minecraft world, but with Egress coming out in exactly one week, it felt like a nice opportunity to chat about it a bit and do a reading from it.

I didn’t really plan ahead so I winged it somewhat and also had to put up with a really stupid delay because YouTube has outsourced its streaming software for reasons abjectly unknown, so chat was nice but stunted and after a while I just read the book’s intro out loud (and became newly aware of how long it is…).

Thank you to everyone who swung by to chat and hang out and listen, and if you’re watching for the first time here right now and want to skip ahead, I introduce the book and start reading at around the 40:30 mark. Happy listening!

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