Ø 3

An emotional night as ever for Ø’s 3rd birthday at Corsica Studios. It still stings that what is probably the best night in London was born in such close proximity to Mark’s death.

Kode9 playing Japan’s “Ghosts” into a room full of green fog every January will never not be transportive. However, last night’s transition into Wendy Carlos’ “Main Theme” from The Shining was also something else. The bass bins in that room will take you anywhere.

Steve also played — and I think began with? — an extended excerpt from Mark’s collaboration with English Heretic, “Plan for the Kidnap of Princess Anne”. (Drunk me got the name wrong on Twitter — apologies.)

I’m still thinking about it today, and still wondering, if Mark was still here, would he make an even more speculative sequel for Prince Andrew…

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