Mark Fisher’s DOCH Lectures

It always strikes me — as someone who has obviously spent a lot of time with Mark’s work over the last couple of years — how often I’m taken aback by seeing him move through a room.

Reading his words takes on an impersonal dimension. The voice of those words is no doubt inseparable from a voice in your head. Mark’s voice, however, is still quite moving. Hearing it in audio pieces or lecture recordings and remembering how softly spoken and erudite he was is another thing altogether. But seeing Mark’s presence in a room always reminds me just what we lost when he died.

So I had a weird turn this morning after seeing this tweet, at once hilarious but touching.

I’d never heard these lectures before and, watching the first one now, they seem to be a really great bridge between Capitalist Realism and Ghosts of My Life, contextualising the two main topics of Mark’s thought and how they interrelate. Well worth checking out.

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