Accelerationism and the Logic of Resolvability: Note on Sense and Signification

As long as we define the problem by its “resolvability”, we confuse sense with signification, and we conceive of the condition only in the image of the conditioned. In fact, the domains of resolvability are relative to the process of the self-determination of the problem. The synthesis of the problem with its own conditions constitutes something ideational or unconditioned, determining at once the condition and the conditioned, that is, the domain of resolvability and the solutions present in this domain, the form of the propositions and their determination in this form, signification as the condition of truth and proposition as the conditional truth. The problem bears resemblance neither to the propositions which it subsumes under it, nor to the relations which it engenders in the proposition: it is not propositional, although it does not exist outside of the propositions which express it.

Deleuze in Logic of Sense on… the logical fallacies of innumerable wannabe left- and right-accelerationists? Maybe…

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